Each of our cakes comes with the option to have a different flavour in each tier. We can create any of the following delicious flavours:


Take a look at our beautiful cake flavours and fillings

Belgian Chocolate Fudge: Chocolate sponge with layer of Belgian Chocolate and Whipped Cream

Death by Chocolate: Chocolate sponge with layer of rich Belgian chocolate and meringue

Belgian Chocolate Chip: Chocolate Sponge with layer of  Belgian Chocolate, Whipped Cream and chocolate chips

Black Forest: Chocolate Sponge with chocolate cream and fruits

Branded Chocolates: Choice of KitKat, Cadbury, Mars, Toblerone, Snickers, Twix & Bounty

Nutella: Chocolate Sponge with layers of chocolate and Nutella spread

Red Velvet: with cream cheese filling

Vanilla: with whipped cream filling

Vanilla Crunch: with sugar crunch and whipped cream filling

Coffee: Vanilla Sponge with coffee cream filling

Caramel Crunch: Vanilla Sponge with caramel filling

Fruity Delight: Choice of Chocolate or Vanilla sponge with filling of mix fruits, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple or cherries